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You’ve got a lot of choices in this industry today—but if your business is fuel marketing or retail operations, then SIGMA is the place for you. SIGMA connects fuel marketers from across the U.S. and Canada to solve problems, share ideas, and ultimately grow our business. The diverse membership allows for the exchange of best practices and new ideas.


SIGMA tracks important legislation and energy policy issues at the federal level and keeps members up-to-date. A misguided piece of legislation could seriously impact business, so SIGMA rallies the troops to help protect members’ interests.


SIGMA brings together the innovators of today and the leaders of tomorrow. The contacts you make at SIGMA are invaluable—something you can’t find anywhere else. SIGMA provides opportunities to talk to suppliers and tap into the expertise of other fuel marketers and retailers from across the U.S. and Canada. Whether you operate 15 locations or 1,000, you can tap into your SIGMA network to discuss challenges and opportunities.

Leadership Development

SIGMA provides networking for the leaders in your company through share groups, special interest groups, and online communities, as well as opportunities to serve on committees and the Board of Directors. As members of SIGMA, your whole company benefits. 

Information & Education

SIGMA is the place to learn about all aspects of fuel marketing – no matter how complex. SIGMA helps define the trends and issues you face as an industry so you know where and when to focus your efforts. You not only learn through SIGMA’s meetings and educational programs, but also directly from other members. You’ll also find that education is more focused at SIGMA; members get guidance on specific topics. As with all aspects of SIGMA, the education and information help you continually improve your performance – as a business leader and a skilled professional. 

Becoming involved with SIGMA can make the difference in how your business grows. Join today and see what SIGMA can do for you.