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Marketer Award

SIGMA periodically recognizes individuals within the independent sector of the petroleum marketing industry who have contributed to the overall betterment of the petroleum industry. Originally named the “Private Brander Award,” it was later re-named the “Distinguished Marketer Award.”

Frank P. Greinke, SC Fuels
Orange, CA
Chicago, IL – November 10, 2017

Jack Pester, Pester Marketing Company

Houston, TX 
Charlotte, NC – November 21, 2013

Richard Salinsky, Best Petroleum
Lynn, MA 

Washington, D.C. – November 6, 2011

Michael Ports, Ports Petroleum
Wooster, OH 

Chicago, IL – November 15, 2009

Richard “Dick” Dyke, WSCO Petroleum Corp.
Portland, OR 

Chicago, IL – November 12, 2006

Douglas L. True, Gull Industries, Inc.
Seattle, WA 

Philadelphia, PA – October 23, 2005

Harold Grueskin, Grueskin & Associates
Denver, CO 

New Orleans, LA – November 14, 2004

Carl Bolch, Jr., RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.
Smyrna, GA 

San Francisco, CA – November 16, 2003

Tom Love, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK 

Chicago, IL – November 10, 2002

Herbert F. Richards, Coast Oil Company
San Jose, CA 

Seattle, WA – November 6, 2001

Leo Liebowitz, Getty Petroleum Marketing, Inc.
Jericho, NY 

Boston, MA – November 5, 2000

James Haslam II, Pilot Oil Corporation
Knoxville, TN 

New Orleans, LA – November 9, 1999

Michael Kirschner, Kirschner Brothers Company
W. Conshohocken, PA 

Houston, TX – November 18, 1991

Tom Allen, East Coast Oil Corporation
Richmond, VA 

Chicago, IL – November 12, 1990

Newell A. Baker, J. D. Streett & Co., Inc.
Maryland Heights, MO 

San Francisco, CA – November 13, 1989

Herb Sostek, Sostek Management Corp
Weston, MA 

Houston, TX – November 8, 1982

George Panuska, The Tresler Oil Company
Cincinnati, OH 

Chicago, IL – November 13, 1978

Meyer Kopolow, Mars Oil Company
St. Louis, MO 

Chicago, IL – November 13, 1978

Ronald Peterson, Martin Oil Service, Inc.
Alsip, IL 

Atlanta, GA – May 17, 1976

Harold Johnson, Clark Oil & Refining Company
Milwaukee, WI 

Chicago, IL – November 10, 1975

Paul Deer, Bonded Oil Company
Springfield, OH 

New Orleans, LA – May 18, 1974

Phil L. Siteman, Site Oil Company
St. Louis, MO 

Chicago, IL – November 13, 1972

Howard Teak, Executive Director, SIGMA 
Dallas, TX – May 15, 1972

Distinguished Statesman Award

The Board is also authorized to present a similar award, the “Distinguished Statesman Award,” to an individual who is not a member of SIGMA whose deeds and efforts have made a significant contribution to the welfare of the retail fuel marketing industry. 

R.H. 'Tod' Butler, Jr.
Matrix Capital Markets Group
Richmond, VA

Scottsdale, AZ - November 4, 2021

R. Timothy Columbus
Steptoe & Johnson LLP
Washington, DC

San Francisco, CA - November 8, 2018

Kenneth A. Doyle, CAE
Fairfax, VA 

Boston, MA – November 14, 2010

Don Borzilleri,
Borzilleri, Inc.
Milton, GA 

Boston, MA – October 14, 2007

R. William Scott,
Collier, Shannon, Rill & Scott
Washington, DC 

Santa Monica, CA – November 14, 1994